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  1. Pointless post! Chess_Agent "An unfortunate turn of events led to my incarceration"... alright the […]
  2. Doubt about trading. motion thank you spab, but sorry I did not understand you, the d5 square? h […]
  3. Please Implement This: Intrins […] Flourish I'm quite confident Elo and Glicko can be converted to each other quite easily.
  4. Strife for the LM title Isaiah4031 I will pull a Captain Kirk in honor of L. Nimoy and do a Kobiashi Ma […]
  5. Pointless post! Dionysus_god Well it's me, Dionysus. Some have inquired as to my whereabouts. I […]
  6. Lichess vs chess.com SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS am not exaggerate, the ONLY thing that distinguished chess.com is it's […]
  7. your games with masters ChessFlub if you have a sweet game you played with any kind of master, post it […]
  8. Please Implement This: Intrins […] Toadofsky I'm very curious whether IPR can be applied to lichess tactics puzzles […]
  9. Please Implement This: Intrins […] Hellball From reading a couple of paragraphs, it appears the paper is built aro […]
  10. Please Implement This: Intrins […] Flourish Would it be possible to give a "intrinsic performance rating" (IPR) on […]
  11. Strife for the LM title ChessFlub I will try to get over 1500 all variants and over 2000 for KotH. I use […]
  12. incorrect puzzle 35254 prismschism zulo is right !
  13. incorrect puzzle 35254 zulo lichess.org/training/35254 line 1. ... Nd1+ and mate in 3, consider […]
  14. Lichess vs chess.com DunnoItAll Yes, you can get it directly. You have to click a couple of things, b […]
  15. Strife for the LM title Bourbon53 Mock as much as you like, but im getting closer to 1900 already and im […]
  16. Strife for the LM title rise_UIED @Bourbon: I plan to break ... the 3000 barrier within a month, hoho […]
  17. Strife for the LM title Bourbon53 Already ahead of you! I plan on breaking the 2000 barrier within a month :D
  18. Strife for the LM title Toadofsky Huh, just 2250 in a variant? Maybe if I stop berserking all the time […]
  19. What about time? Scala In a casual game, I give time and take back move. In a rated game. No
  20. Strife for the LM title Chess_Agent http://en.lichess.org/qa/13/what-is-the-lm-title lol go for it!
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