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 Hourly Bullet 30m  4
 Bolton  1+0 Rated 1h  3/4
 Carter  3+0 Rated 40m  4/4
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  2. are these ratings here accurate? jonc Lichess Blitz rating on here is more closer to FIDE and USCF ratings.
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  9. Pre move errors? qoataop I never do more than one premove. So it is not the case here.
  10. Pre move errors? lazyking It happens when you try to pre-move more than once before your opponen […]
  11. A nice piece sac in the Smith-Morra grondilu After I castled I was tempted to sac my knight in the center, hoping t […]
  12. Pre move errors? qoataop I can only say that the server also reacts quite slowly today on certa […]
  13. Pre move errors? thibault I'm absolutely unable to reproduce that bug, which makes the fix quite […]
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  17. Show expected rating change corvus-corax Obscurity create pressure even more.
  18. are these ratings here accurate? Hellball To clarify #10: both lichess and Chess.com use the Glicko-2 system, th […]
  19. are these ratings here accurate? stripedgazelle I'm about 1600 on lichess and about 1300 USCF, so that 300 delta menti […]
  20. are these ratings here accurate? Clarkey s/ELO/Glicko-2/g Such an annoying misnomer.
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