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Daily Classical 2h 66
Hourly SuperBlitz 50m 18
Hourly Bullet 25m 42
Daily Chess960 1h 0
Chiburdanidze 2+0 Anti Rated 1h 20m 23
Bohatyrchuk 7+0 Rated 1h 11
Polugaevsky 1+0 Atom Rated 30m 4
Pavasovič 0+1 KotH Rated 25m 4
Closed Game 1+2 1h 2
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  1. Amazing attacking game and que… Lockpick I would have taken this rook any day without even thinking especially …
  2. Lost on time in correspondenc… Hellball Interesting. Looks like a grave caching issue. What browser were you u…
  3. Amazing attacking game and que… achja Very pretty looking finish. Congrats !! :)
  4. simple math awesomer Secert, leave everything else blank in that search dialog. Maybe thats…
  5. simple math awesomer The number is also wrong on my profile (2918 versus 2884).
  6. simple math awesomer Can Admin explain? I also see this number in your profile, it should b…
  7. simple math MrSecertAgentMan thats weird cuz i get nothing, what do i do , and on my profile it sys…
  8. simple math awesomer # if i search for player "MrSecertAgentMan" and mode "rated" i get 274…
  9. simple math MrSecertAgentMan it also says no games found
  10. simple math MrSecertAgentMan thats weird because i don't get anything when i do that
  11. simple math WilliamShakespeare You can use the Advanced search: http://en.lichess.org/games/search …
  12. simple math MrSecertAgentMan how do i download those games?, and where do i get Scid at?
  13. simple math awesomer download those games, install Scid, filter those games by 'PGN contain…
  14. simple math MrSecertAgentMan I would like some help, i want to find out how many of my rated games …
  15. picture on timeout page phnaargos I would like to know who the artist is.
  16. Totally unsound but insane Tal… nobody47 Nothing insane or Tal-like tho.
  17. 3rd Correspondence ChessTourna… YoNOsoyMike Registrations are open only until Sunday night: http://en.lichess.o…
  18. Connection with this site timi… grondilu Yeah it happens some times to times, and quite a bit since yesterday.
  19. Totally unsound but insane Tal… Usolando fun sacrifice :) always play exciting chess!
  20. Connection with this site timi… FinnishMathematician Hei, Is anyone having similiar problem? During a bullet game, it w…
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Lichess Summer Marathon Tournament

and a bonus sneak peek at the next major feature of lichess!

lichess mobile 2.0

This week we published a new, revamped lichess mobile application!

Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.