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Hourly Blitz 57m 91
U1600 Blitz 57m 17
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 70
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 23
Hourly Bullet 27m 58
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 62
Lundin 4+0 3check Rated 55m 14
Polgár 7+0 Rated 45m 8
Nei 3+0 Anti Rated 1h 16
Sarapu 0+1 KotH Rated 45m 6
Treybal 1+1 Rated 30m 1
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  1. Where can I play online agains… FireBreathingDragon we can play a bunch of games if you want, I play d4
  2. Queen Trade Trap TripleK Uhm...no you won this game, because your opponent made bad moves after…
  3. Where can I play online agains… ProgramFOX You can create a tournament ( https://en.lichess.org/tournament/new ) …
  4. Where can I play online agains… hellSp4wn Hi is there anywhere online where I can play against a human opponent …
  5. Queen Trade Trap acgusta2 It turned out that trading queens, even though it momentarily put me i…
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  8. Book not working for a specifi… JustOp For reference, this fen comes directly from lichess.org/training/openi…
  9. Book not working for a specifi… JustOp The book is working for all positions but this one for me. Tried 3 tim…
  10. Alternate mate in 3 not accept… DragonflyHunter https://en.lichess.org/training/3310 Accepted Solution: 27... Rd1+ …
  11. Only drag doesn't work on trai… JustOp In training mode, even if I set to move pieces with drag only, it will…
  12. Auto Abort? Link I think its wait 15 secs and it doesn't count against you to abort. Wa…
  13. Auto Abort? LetsChessL I noticed about a week or so ago that if I aborted too many games, I g…
  14. Feature Request- Remove move f… TripleK right-click on the move and "remove from here"
  15. Feature Request- Remove move f… Fyll I use lichess often for making pgns of my games, but a lot of times I …
  16. Lichess Elimination Tournament harrison100-Youtube Hello everyone! As you might know, lichess only has arena style tou…
  17. Magnus Loses in 22 Moves by An… FilipiSilvano so what, magnus still wayyyyyyyy beyound
  18. have i played ok ? Dragon-Lord here a strong 2162 https://en.lichess.org/I95cWGk0
  19. Magnus Loses in 22 Moves by An… RaphaelandOscar Plus, Carlsen may have had his guard down a bit since he had already c…
  20. Mess-terpiece achja To have a break from all the 000 and 100 perfect looking games I would…
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