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Monthly Classical 5h 635
Daily Blitz 2h 237
U1600 SuperBlitz 57m 50
Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 13
Hourly Bullet 27m 73
Monthly Three-check 4h 2
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 0
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 1
U2000 Blitz 57m 0
Karlsson 3+0 Rated 2h 9
Żytogórski 3+0 Rated 1h 9
Šarić 1+1 KotH Rated 50m 15
Pachl 2+0 Anti Rated 25m 18
Rabinovich 2+0 Anti Rated 25m 6
Nimzowitsch ½+0 Atom Rated 1h 1
Wittek 2+0 Rated 45m 1
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  2. Thanks for the awesome new fea… SoulPeace thank you so much thibault for giving so much attention to your awsome…
  3. Thanks for the awesome new fea… seanysean @thibault Thanks for the great tip and the feature!!
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  5. Thanks for the awesome new fea… nevergonnaberserk Lichess just keeps getting better.
  6. Thanks for the awesome new fea… seanysean Thanks for the ability to see the threats in the analysis page!!
  7. Thanks lichess! chessanalyst The new show threat feature is pretty cool. Thanks everyone for making…
  8. Sharing a quick wing attack ga… achja @blackzombie #3 Indeed, totally agree.
  9. Sharing a quick wing attack ga… blackzombie #1 Looks like black chose the wrong plan. I would've tried attacking w…
  10. Tactics Trainer Negmek That's the weak spot of lichess puzzles, everyone know about it, there…
  11. Endgame - Guess the outcome droceretik Certainly white unless there are several cock-ups but it would take so…
  12. Tactics Trainer ScaccoLento Hi all :) i made a lots of tactics puzzles, but for me this TT syste…
  13. Sharing a quick wing attack ga… achja Something funny happened today. I just played a game starting with : …
  14. My worst game ever. droceretik I analysed with Stockfish and with careful defen…
  15. Peace for everyone pesetero I would like to stop all the wars with enemies playing a chess game. …
  16. Blitz Tactics - free and open-… MorningCoffee Perfect! perfect! Wombo combo! perfect! me: f*** yeah try again (fro…
  17. Win with a quadrupled pawn! achja Just to try to make you more comfortable with accepting doubled, or tr…
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  20. My worst game ever. chessanalyst Thanks @achja Yeh. I always accept if I don't see anything right away…
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